Constitution  2016 - Download here

Strategic Development Plan  2017 - 2019 Download here

Table Tennis Ireland Code of Ethics & Good Practice: Download Here

Data Protection: Download Here

Table Tennis Ireland Governance Code Download Here

Equality and Diversity Policy Download here

Table Tennis Ireland Anti-Doping: Download here

Speak up Download here

Conflict of Interest Policy Download Here

Freedom of Information Policy Download here


International & Irish Selection

Table Tennis Ireland International Clothing Strategy Download here

Selection Policy & Criteria Download here

Policy on Acceptance/Non acceptance of Irish Selections Download here

Permission to Travel: Download here



Garda Vetting Policy

Garda Vetting Process Download Here 

Garda Vetting Invitation Form (NVB 1) Download Here

Parent / Guardian Consent Form (NVB 3) Download Here 

(NVB 3 form required if applicant is under 18yrs old)

Verifying Identity (evidence of proof schedule - 100 points) Download here

Garda Vetting FAQ Click HERE

(Last Reviewed: 1st of February 2019)


Child Protection Policies

Safeguarding Statement Download here

Safeguarding Policy Download here

Safeguarding Risk Assessment Download here

Incident Reporting form Download here

(Last Reviewed: 19th of July 2019)


Event Photo permission form Download here

Photography and Video recording policy Download here

Anti-Bullying Download here

Dealing with Reported Cases of Child Abuse Download here

Hosting Young People Download here

Overnight Stays Download here

Safeguarding Young People Download here



Underage Ranking System: Download here

Underage Ranking Tournament Rules: Download here

Under 21 Ranking Scheme: Download here

Senior Ranking Scheme: Download here, Commentary here 

Use of World Ranking for Seeding at Irish Senior Events Download here

Veteran Ranking Scheme: Download here


Tournaments / Behaviour / Venues

Assessing Venues for Level 3 Provincial Opens - Checklist Download here

Tournament Regulations & Code of Conduct: Download here

Table Tennis Ireland Sanction Scheme: Download here

Social Media Guidelines Download here