Adjourned AGM of ITTA

19 August 2020

In light of the new COVID-19 restrictions announced yesterday by the Irish Government, which take immediate effect, the Board has concluded that we are unable to hold the adjourned AGM with the membership physically in attendance. Rather than adjourning again to yet another date, which could not be reasonably determined at this time, the Board has decided to hold the AGM online this coming Saturday, 22 August 2020. This decision was taken to comply with the Irish Government announcement and to ensure the safety of our members during this trying time.  The Board is conscious that the membership have a right to be physically present and have predetermined that, should members actually turn up at the venue for the AGM, the meeting will have to be immediately adjourned.

However, members will be able to register to attend the AGM via Zoom. A link to register to attend will be sent tomorrow to all members.

Please note that only current affiliated members will be allowed to register.

We would like to thank you for your understanding and support.

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