All-Ireland Schools 2016

29 April 2016

Scroll down for photos of all the teams (click link below each to download a higher resolution image).

Lots of photos from the day here.

(Click here to download PDF file of results)

Primary Schools

Boys Primary Schools - Winners (Hi-Res)

Boys Primary Schools - Runners-Up (Hi-Res)

Boys Primary Schools - Third (Hi-Res)

Boys Primary Schools - Fourth (Hi-Res)


Girls Primary Schools - Winners (Hi-Res)

Girls Primary Schools - Runners-Up (Hi-Res)

Girls Primary Schools - Third (Hi-Res)

Girls Primary Schools - Fourth (Hi-Res)


Secondary Schools - Boys

Boys U-13 - Winners (Hi-Res) 

Boys U-13 - Runners-Up (Hi-Res)

Boys U-13 - Third (Hi-Res)

Boys U-13 - Fourth (Hi-Res)


Boys U-15 - Winners (Hi-Res)

Boys U-15 - Runners-Up (Hi-Res)

Boys U-15 - Third (Hi-Res)

Boys U-15 - Fourth (Hi-Res)


Boys U-19 - Winners (Hi-Res)

Boys U-19 - Runners-Up (Hi-Res)

Boys U-19 - Third (Hi-Res)

Boys U-19 - Fourth (Hi-Res)

Secondary Schools - Girls

Girls U-13 - Winners (Hi-Res)

Girls U-13 - Runners-Up (Hi-Res)

Girls U-15 - Winners (Hi-Res)

Girls U-15 Runners-Up (Hi-Res)

Girls U-15 - Third (Hi-Res)

Girls U-14 - Fourth (Hi-Res)

Girls U-19 - Winners (Hi-Res)

Girls U-19 Runners Up (Hi-Res)

Girls U-19 - Third (Hi-Res)

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