Coaching Blog: John Bowe

26 May 2014

Coaching Blog: John Bowe

I am proud of my High School boys who won Senior Boys Leinster League U18 div 2 and Minor Boys U15 div 3 respectively. I have been training the first years and fifth and Sixth form for the last year within the Reynold's Hall of the school. The school have been magnificent in supporting my project. 

Every athlete has to start somewhere and winning these divisions is the beginning of something new. Even the U15 team had there own team talk before the final match discussing tactics and doubles strategy if the match would be decided on the final doubles. I have tried to teach this type of approach to the players and it is so satisfying to see them do it without me having to repeat myself. I would like to thank Evan, Colm, Eric, Deni, Asher, Niall, Philip, Daragh, Elliot & Ken for the 100% effort put in to achieve this success.

The funding from the Irish Table Tennis Association was instrumental in getting this project up and running and now the school are 100% backing it. Hopefully we can win more medals and trophies in the future.

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