Domestic Events Update

13 August 2020

The Association is today issuing a draft version of the 'Return to Competition' Protocols that will be in place for upcoming tournaments. The final document will apply to all organised, multi-Club and/or ranking, events and competitions, and is available to download HERE. Every person attending will be required to fill out a screening form on each day of attendance. Please be aware we may need to share the information on the srenning form with the Irish Wheelchair Association, if the need arises, for those attending the 2020 Nationals.

We continue to monitor the constantly changing situation regarding the impact of the COVID-19 restrictions around the country, and the position is under constant review.

As the situation stands, preparations continue for a return to competitive activity with the rescheduled 2020 National Championships.

Please note critical detail below regarding this event;

  • There have been significant changes to the format, timetabling and regulations of the event, and these are largely listed in the entry form.  We strongly advise all prospective participants/coaches/parents to download the entry form, acquaint themselves with these details, acquaint themselves with the detail below, and acquaint themselves with the Return to Competition Protocols. The entry form is available HERE to download.
  • Due to the governmental decision that attendance at indoor events would remain capped at 50 persons, this will likely impact further on the proposed timetabling and scheduling of the event, and may result in start times, and potentially even start days, for various categories being adjusted and/or staggered.  We will issue a revised timetable as soon as possible after the entry closing deadline.
  • The original intention to allow up to three coaches be nominated per Club will no longer be possible, and we anticipate this will be reduced to one coach per Club;
  • No other persons will be allowed to be present in the hall during the event, due to the governmental capacity restrictions.  Each Club/Coach will need to evaluate their own capacities to suitably and adequately supervise and care for any entrants, including underage participants, and plan their entries accordingly.  Please note that there can be no exceptions to the attendance regulations, due to the capacity restrictions, and all entries to the tournament should be made in full knowledge of these limitations.  Parents who wish to remain nearby can remain in their vehicles in the carpark.  Please ensure that anyone moving between the vehicle and the building adheres at all times to the sanitising requirements.  Any participants not present in the building should accept that they may be called for a match at any time.
  • It is intended that there will be little or no delay between successive rounds of each event.
  • A number of categories have already been removed from the schedule, and it remains possible that certain other categories that do not have sufficient entries may also be cancelled.  In the event that any events are cancelled, or any rescheduled dates/times are no longer convenient for entrants, their entry fees for that event will be refunded.  Accommodation options in Dublin remain much more available than normal, due to a lack of business, so, as far as is practicable or viable, we would encourage people to either leave their accommmodation booking as late as possible, or book via a search engine or website that facilitates cancellations.

The Association regrets the lack of absolute clarity around dates, times, events and plans, and apologises for the impact this may have on arranging work, family life, travel or accommodation; however, we have been working hard to arrange some small return to normality, and ask for your continued support and understanding as we deal with the limitations.

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