ITTF Education: Table Tennis Skills

25 November 2015

ITTF Education: Table Tennis Skills

The ITTF is excited to release its new and exciting "How to Play Table Tennis" coaching tutorial series. This series of videos will teach budding table tennis players around the world how to play the key table tennis shots and serves, just like how the table tennis stars do! 

You will be able to find eight videos How To Play Table Tennis below:

1. Service Basics

2. Reverse Pendulum Backspin Serve

3. Forehand Topspin

4. Backhand Drive

5. Backhand Topspin

6. Forehand Drive

7. Service Receive

8. Block

In a series of 3 minutes videos Elizabeta Samara, Georgina Pota, Michael Maze and Marcos Freitas are demonstrating basic skills. 


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