Message from TeeSport - World Individuals

09 May 2011

Message from TeeSport - World Individuals


The World Individual Championships are taking place in Rotterdam from 8 to 15 May and British EuroSport are providing significant coverage of the event as follows:

Wednesday 11 May starting at 2315 hours for 75 minutes on EuroSport 1
Friday 13 May starting at 0900 hours for 90 minutes on EuroSport 1
Saturday 14 May starting at 0730 hours for 30 minutes showing the best of Friday's games on EuroSport 1
Saturday 14 May starting at 0900 hours for 90 minutes on EuroSport 1
Saturday 14 May starting at 1630 hours for 75 minutes, showing the Men's Doubles final live on EuroSport 1
Sunday 15 May starting at 0830 hours for 60 minutes, showing the Men's Singles quarter finals from the previous day on EuroSport 1
Sunday 15 May starting at 0930 hours for 45 minutes, showing the Men's Singles semi finals live on EuroSport 1
Sunday 15 May starting 1915 hours for 65 minutes, showing the Men's Singles final on EuroSport 1.

Donald Parker, the former England team captain, has been engaged by EuroSport as one of the commentators.

The draw has been made for both the men's and women's singles and the top 16 seeds in draw order are as follows:



1    WANG Hao      CHN   
16    RYU Seung Min      KOR   

17    GAO Ning      SIN           
32    MIZUTANI Jun      JPN             

33     MA Long      CHN                    
48    OH Sang Eun      KOR   

49    CHUANG Chih-Y      TPE         
64    MA Lin      CHN   

65    ZHANG Jike      CHN                          
80    JOO Se Hyuk      KOR  

81    WANG Liqin      CHN           
96    XU Xin      CHN   

97    SAMSONOV Vladi  BLR           
112    CHEN Qi      CHN                

113    OVTCHAROV Dimi  GER          
128    BOLL Timo      GER   



1    LI Xiaoxia      CHN   
16    LI Jiao      NED  

17    KIM Kyung Ah      KOR           
32    WU Yang      CHN                 

33     FUKUHARA Ai      JPN                 
48    HIRANO Sayaka      JPN   

49    WU Jiaduo      GER          
64    GUO Yue      CHN   

65    DING Ning      CHN                             
80    ISHIKAWA Kasumi JPN  

81    TIE Yana      HKG           
96    FENG Tianwei      SIN   

97    LIU Shiwen      CHN           
112    WANG Yuegu      SIN               

113    PARK Mi Young      KOR           
128    GUO Yan      CHN  

Live streaming of the Championships is available through the ITTF Streaming channel.

There is a large participation in the World Championships from the nations within the British Isles and Ireland as follows:

SIBLEY Kelly      ENG   
PARKER Joanna      ENG   
KNIGHT Darius      ENG   
REED Daniel      ENG   
HICKS Hannah      ENG

MOGEY Amanda      IRL   
MCCREERY Paul      IRL   
GIVAN Ashley      IRL   
MURPHY John      IRL

RUMGAY Gavin      SCO   

OWEN Naomi      WAL   
JENKINS Ryan      WAL   
CAREY Charlotte WAL   
JENKINS Stephen WAL   
THOMAS Chloe      WAL   
O'CONNELL Dan      WAL   

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Michael Marsden
Tees Sport Manager





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