Pre European Youth Training camp

10 July 2018

Pre European Youth Training camp

Over the past few weeks the Irish squad of Owen Cathcart,Thomas Joyce,Art McLaughlin,Dillon Byrne,James Skelton,Sophie Earley, Nicole Scott and Silke Heinen  have been training intensely  in mini camps in LoopTTC,Blachrock College and Ormeau TTC under the direction of national coach ,John Murphy , Conn Higgins(performance director) Jing Yi Graham,one of Ireland's top coaches and Irish no.1 Gavin Maguire.

Our thanks to the clubs who hosted the squad and to the players who attended as sparring partners.

This week the training moved to the National Centre, Sports Wales , in Cardiff  where the squad will train with their Welsh counterparts for the week before heading to Romania for the championships.Welsh coaches, Ryan Jenkins,Stephen Jenkins,Simon Oyler along with John Murphy ,Conn Higgins and Gavin Maguire  have been putting the players through their paces in their twice daily training sessions.

The mental preparing is also being focused on with Welsh sports psychologist Rebecca Chidley  asking the players probing questions in the Psychology sessions.

Our thanks to Ryan Jenkins  for the warm welcome.

We wish all our players the very best.

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