Return to Play Update 21st of August 2020

22 August 2020

The National Championships will be proceeding, and details relating to this have been issued in a separate statement.

Limits on indoor gatherings for table tennis continue to be principally dictated by the capacity of the hall space and the number of tables that can be contained within that space in accordance with the TTI table spacing protocols.  The limit of 50 persons continues to apply.  Sport Ireland recommends that training can take place in 'Pods' of six persons, in accordance with the spacing guidelines, and also in accordance with the public health protocols stipulated in the TTI 'Return to Play' document. 

We encourage members and clubs to be as innovative and flexible as possible around the use of time slots, to ensure as many members as possible access table time.  We also strongly recommend that appropriate care and attention is given to maintaining hygiene and cleanliness standards around facilities and equipment.  In light of the reality that hall usage may require multiple slots per day/evening, the following guidance is provided ;

  • sessions SHOULD NOT take place immediately back to back, and sufficient time should be allowed to clean table surfaces, doors, touchpoints etc between sessions, and to clear the hall of all persons.  This cleaning task should not be left for players to undertake, and should instead be undertaken by the Lead Coach, Club COVID-19 Officer, or other designated person.
  • to avoid passing contagion between groups, players should not on the same day be attending multiple practice/training slots or sessions across different groups or intakes of players, and should instead leave the hall immediately after their single session.
  • per previous Board guidance, players should not be moving between squads/groups from different Clubs, and should be training in their own Club only.
  • clubs should be extra vigilant of potential congestion points around corridors, entrance/exit routes, toilets, changing rooms, etc, and seek to promote good practice around distancing and hand/respiratory hygiene.

TTI continues to advance with Sport Ireland the many positive attributes of this sport, both in general, and specifically with regard to distancing in this time of participant restrictions.  The assistance of all our members in minimising and managing risk is critical to our ability to advance the profile of table tennis as being a low risk activity, and these restrictions around distancing, respiratory & hand hygiene, sanitisation, and removal of Club/session overlap, are a small price to pay in keeping the sport active.

As per the TTI Return to Play Protocols, individual members and clubs must assess and evaluate their own personal or specific circumstances in reaching a decision regarding whether they wish to resume activity.

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