The Burning Passion for Table Tennis - Amy Barry

07 November 2012


A Passion for Table Tennis by Amy Barry 

(75th Anniversary Dinner of ITTA)
Extravagant embraces,
sentimentality recounted.
Trophies, photographs
and memorabilia
Years of shared experience,
friendship built on love,
enchantment of the game.
In his youth,
winning tournaments,
a national champion.
Eyes raging,
veins throbbing at his temples,
mental and physical exhaustion,
the majesty of his playing!
Waves of attacks, clever strategies,
a cool eye and a clear head,
manoeuvring through
aggressive opponents,
the energy of a man possessed.
He collapses on the chair,
like a man who has swam
from shipwreck to shore,
but tomorrow,
the day will start all over again,
the sun will shine,
he will play, 
with fiercely contained passion.
We say goodbye.
Shake hands; the familiar ‘Grip.’
our still kept youth 
in this game of Table Tennis.







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