Tournament Update - National Championships Rescheduled

21 August 2020

The National Championships will now be rescheduled as follows;

  • Saturday 29 August - Ladies Singles, Mens Singles
  • Sunday 30 August - Junior Singles, Mini Cadet Singles
  • Saturday 5 September - U21 Singles, Cadet Singles

The event will take place in accordance with the existing protocols issued by TTI.  All existing entries for the event remain valid.  A refund will be available for any player unable to take part in any event due to the revised dates, however such refund should be requested immediately by emailing

Event start times may be staggered, and players should not attend in the hall in advance of the times which will be issued on the website in advance of the event.  Due to the requirement to manage numbers in the hall, the tournament day may run later than normal.

Due to the capacity restrictions and the consequent timetabling limitations, there will be no plate events.

National capacity restrictions will remain in place, and only participants, coaches and officials can be present in the hall.  As previously advised, no other persons, including supporters, parents, or family members, will be allowed to be present in the hall during the event, due to these capacity restrictions.  Each Club/Coach/Parent will need to evaluate their own capacities to suitably and adequately supervise and care for any entrants, including underage participants, and also evaluate any additional family commitments or responsibilities, and plan their entries accordingly.  Please note that there can be no exceptions to the attendance regulations, due to the capacity restrictions, and all entries to the tournament should be made in full knowledge of these limitations.  Parents who wish to remain nearby can remain in their vehicles in the carpark.  Please ensure that anyone moving between the vehicle and the building adheres at all times to the sanitising requirements.  Any participants not present in the building should accept that they may be called for a match at any time.  Please note that, at the tournament itself, in the event of any failure or unwillingness of clubs, coaches, participants or parents to adhere to the TTI protocols and capacity regulations, the Referee may suspend or, if necessary, cancel, all play.

It has become increasingly clear that the ongoing restrictions situation remains fluid, and includes the possibility of ongoing disruption to the calendar and events schedule; TTI will continue to manage this as well as possible.  Please note that, where disruption occurs, as soon as possible, subject to date/venue/volunteer availability, Table Tennis Ireland will seek to move quickly to set tournament dates, which may result in a shorter than usual notice period.  We ask for your ongoing patience and support as we manage a return to competition.

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