TTI Equipment Grant Announced

09 November 2015

TTI Equipment Grant Announced

The Board of Directors of Table Tennis Ireland is delighted to announce that following an application to the Department of Tourism, Culture and Sport under its Capital Grant Programme, the Association was successful in securing funding for the provision of a substantial quantity of table tennis equipment to support the development of our sport.

The primary focus of this grant will be to provide equipment to registered schools, clubs and projects who are affiliated to Table Tennis Ireland, supporting the Association's efforts in the development and promotion of table tennis throughout the country.

Significant interest from registered clubs, schools and projects in the Republic of Ireland is expected, and the Association is committed to an open and transparent allocation process.

The deadlines for the application and allocation process will be as follows:

  • Applications deadline - 13th November 2015
  • Provincial Branches requested for input on projects within their area - 30th November 2015
  • Meeting of TTI Sub-committee to decide on applications – 7th December 2015
  • Clubs/Schools/Projects notified, contracts signed with delivery – 18th December 2015


Table Tennis Ireland encourages all eligible schools, clubs and projects in the Republic of Ireland to apply, by completing the attached form below and returning it to Dave Heffernan or Mark O’Flynn at SportHQ. For additional information on the application process, please contact Dave or Mark on (01) 625 1135 or by email at


To download the application form please click here

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