TTI Management Committee Update 29 April 2020

30 April 2020

Further to previous details provided by the Board, the below is the (hoped for) outlook for activity through the end of this season and into the 2020/2021 season. Obviously, all plans and proposals are subject to change, depending on external events.

The following national domestic events have been cancelled for this season;

  • Irish Colleges League
  • Irish Universities Championships
  • Irish National Championships
  • Interprovincial Championships
  • All Ireland Schools Championships
  • All National Squad Camps to date

In addition, the following international events, impacting on Irish teams, have been cancelled or postponed for this season;

  • Primary Schools International Championships (cancelled)
  • European Womens League (postponed)
  • Secondary Schools International Championships (cancelled)
  • European Youth Championships (postponed)
  • Veterans Six Nations Championships (cancelled)
  • ITTF Junior Circuit (cancelled/postponed)

In the case of players who were receiving their first selection for Ireland at the Primary Schools Six Nations, which teams were already selected, they will still receive their Irish National Team shirt as a memento of their first selection.

At this time, the intention is to accommodate the National Championships at the start of next season, in a similar fashion to the weather impacted Championships of 2018. Consideration will also be given to including other cancelled events in the Calendar for next season, however there is a balance to be maintained to ensure the Calendar is not too congested, while, obviously, we do not have an infinite number of weekends! Further restrictions, or restriction extensions, may impact on what events from this season and next season can be included in the 2020/21 Calendar.

Work is ongoing on the Calendar, however we are also impacted by the rescheduling of external events, and hope to avoid clashing dates.

The knock-on impact on next season may involve rescheduling or cancelling other normally held ranking events, in our attempt to accommodate activity as appropriately as possible.  This will become clearer as time goes by.

The TTI Board has, separately, advised the membership of the postponement of the AGM of the Association, and obviously this will also need to be accommodated in the Calendar.

Again, it must be stressed that all the above plans are close to a best-case scenario and are subject to change.

Work is ongoing on the Club Handbook/Manual, and we are hopeful that this oft-postponed(!) task will be delivered in time for next season.

Work by the Volunteer Remuneration Committee is, as referenced in the Management Committee report to the 2019 AGM, also ongoing, and they should also reach their conclusions and have a report to the Management Committee and Board by the AGM.

The Management Committee is reviewing, with external stakeholders, possibilities around the delivery of some online coaching courses, in the event the current national restrictions continue.  Construction and verification of the Coach Licence is nearing completion.  For obvious reasons, limited work continues in other portfolios.

In addition, although the Office remains closed, all TTI employees remain on staff and are working from home, with some tasks necessarily reallocated and reprioritised.  If you have any queries or proposals, the office can be contacted by email during this time. The National Squad NPCs are also available to any players or coaches that require support or reassurance, and we especially encourage players to reach out with any worries or concerns they may have.

Finally, we can reassure the membership that the core funding situation of the Association remains secure, and budgets allocated to the various activity areas will not be reduced. Obviously, there has been a huge amount of activity cancelled or postponed, however, on the upside, due to the underspend this season, funds will, where appropriate and possible, be redirected into next season, with the intention that events and players suffer as little as possible.

We note and welcome the recent statement of Sport Ireland, advising that non-contact sports will be prioritized in the lifting of restrictions.

As much as is possible, we will be working to return to full activity as soon as possible, in alignment with Sport Ireland and HSE directives. In the meantime, we hope you stay safe and as active as possible during this trying time.

For, and on behalf of, the Management Committee,

R. Butler


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