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Alexander Gillen

Alexander Gillen

Date of Birth: 08/09/1999

Category: Senior


Coaches: Richard Butler, Boris Abraham, Jerome Boyer, Quentin Dano, Jeremy Boutin, John Murphy (National Coach)

Style of Play: Left Handed, Shake Hand Attacker

Equipment: (Blade, F/H & B/H Rubbers): Blade – Butterfly Viscaria; Rubbers - Cornilleau ProGT BH/FH

Highest Ranking: (Category / Year): Irish – 3 (Senior/January 2018)

Titles Won: 1 x Ulster Open Doubles; 1 x Munster Open Singles Silver; 1 x Munster Open Doubles Silver; International Youth Cup Winner (2016);

Best Wins: Medardas Stankevicius (JWR 50); Laurens Devos; Ivan Perez (CER 32)

Best Experience: Playing in 5 Different European Youth Championships for Ireland (2013-2017);

Ambition: Represent Ireland at a senior level and compete among Europe’s and Worlds best players

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