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Ashley Robinson

Ashley Robinson

Name: Ashley Robinson 

Date of Birth: 24/11/1993

Category: Senior 

Club: UCD & Vetlanda BTK

Coaches: Arthur Brett, Richard Butler and Peter Sartz

Style of play: Offensive 

Equipment: Butterfly 

Highest ranking: 3 on irish ranking list, 501 world ranking 

Titles won: National champion Under  21 2014 & 2015

                 Connacht Open Champion 2011

                 Fermanagh Open Champion 2011

                 National Doubles Champion 2015

                 Ulster Open Doubles winner 2012/13

Best win: Ojo Onaopalo NGR WR 348

Best experience: Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014

                          World Championships - Suzhou 2015

Ambition: Top 300 in the world

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