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Colin Judge

Colin Judge

Date of Birth: 05/04/1995

Category: Senior


Coach: Gavin Maguire (National Coach)

Style of Play: Defender

Equipment: (Blade, F/H & B/H Rubbers): Blade – Balsa   Rubbers - Tibhar Grass D Tecs on Backhand and Donic Acuda S1 on forehand 

Highest Ranking: (Category / Year): Irish – 1 (2018) World – 5 (2018)

Titles Won:  2017 European Champion, German Open Champion, Spanish Open Champion, Romanian Open Champion, 3x Irish National Champion, Irish Wheelchair Doubles Champion, Irish Intervarsity Mens Team Champion. 

Best Wins:  Fabien Lamirault (WR1), Rafal Czuper (WR 2), Jan Riapos (WR 3) Yezyk Oleksandr (WR 4)

Best Experience:  Winning the 2017 European Championships in Lasko, Slovenia. A dream come true for me. Sharing the experience with my coach and teammates made it all the better! 

Ambition: The most important thing for is to always give my best and to never give up no matter how difficult things get. My goal is to win the World Championships and Paralympic Games now. 

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