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Gavin Maguire

Gavin Maguire

Date of Birth: 27/09/1990

Category: Senior


Coach: Richard Butler & John Murphy (National Coach)

Style of Play: Shake Hand Attacker

Equipment (Blade, F/H & B/H Rubbers): Blade – Timo Boll Spirit (FL) Rubbers - Tenergy 05 and Tenergy 05fx 

Highest Ranking (Category / Year): Irish – 1 (2009 & Current) World – 420 (2017)

Titles Won:  2x Irish Senior National, Champion, 3x Irish Mens Doubles Champion, 1x Irish Mixed Doubles Champion, 1x Irish U21 National Champion, 3x Irish National Team Champion, 2x Irish Classification, 1x Munster Open, 1x Connaught Open, 1x David Lloyd Open, 3x Irish Intervarsity Champion. 

Best Wins:  Miroslav Horesji (WR220), Ryan Jenkins (WR 240), Simon Berglund (WR 260) Marious Yiangou (WR 280)

Best Experience:  Domestically, playing in front of a large home crowd in a European Championship Qualifying Event. Internationally, playing in 3 World Team Championship and gaining promotion to the second division at the European Championships. 

Ambition: My ambition is to reach as high a level as I possibly can and make a career for myself through Table Tennis

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