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Peter Graham

Peter Graham

Date of Birth : 14/08/1987

Coach : Jing Yi Graham

Style of Play : Attacking

Category : Senior

Equipment used (Blade, F/H & B/H Rubbers) : Timo Boll Spirit, Tibhar Evolution rubbers

Hardest Opponent : Paul McCreery - hard to find a weakness at this level

Ranking (Category / Year) : 8 / 2015


Titles Won / Honours Achieved :

Ulster Champion x3

Leinster Grand Prix Winner

National Doubles x3 winner

Fermanagh Open x2 winner

Connaught Open winner


Best Win : Nicola Mohler (SUI)


Best Experience :

Commonwealth Games 2006 Melbourne - Best team, location, set-up and conditions I have ever played in or experienced.


Ambition : Commonwealth Games 2018 - to play on this team in Australia would be fantastic.


Sporting Hero and Why? Roger Federer. He has the model mentality - calm, cool collected and also has huge amounts of flare. He has learnt to control his emotions and also when to use his flashy shots and when to not, I think that is what has made him the best ever.


Comment on TT :  Hardest sport to master I think. The physical demands are hugely underrated as well as the mental. A game/match can fly by in a heartbeat so it's important to be in control at all times and be resilient. If I could give my younger self some advice, it would be on the psychological aspect - to forget mistakes and focus on the next point and what you can change. In addition, I think it's important to know your weaknesses, have a plan for every session you have, and never waste a second on the table.

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