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Sophie Earley

Sophie Earley

Name: Sophie Earley

Date of Birth: 13/05/06

Category: U13

Club: OrmeauTTC

Coaches: Keith Knox & Gervis Knox

Style of play: Shake Hand Attacker

Equipment: Blade- Aero Off Minus, Rubbers – Forehand - Bluefire M1 turbo, Backhand- Bluefire M2

Highest ranking: Irish number 1 U18 - 2018, number 1 U15 2018, number 1 U13 2017.

Titles won: 2x U13 Munster Open Champion, 1x U13 Irish Classification Champion, 1x U13 Nationals Champion, 1x U13/U15/U18/Senior Connaught Open Champion, 1x U15 Irish Classification champion, 1x U15 Ulster Open champion, 1x U15 Munster Open champion, 1x U18 Irish Classification champion, 1x U18 Munster Open champion, 1x Ulster Open Women’s Doubles champion,  Malacky Open U11 2017 champion, International Primary Schools 2017 champion.

Best wins:  Seilja Fazlic [Germany] Gauri Duhan [England], Anna Hursey [Wales], Helena Sommerova [Czech Republic] Mia O’Rahilly Egan [Ireland] Emilija Riliskyte [Lithuania]

Best Experience: Playing in the Last 8 in Euro Minis in front of a huge crowd of spectators and having my teammates supporting me very enthusiastically.

Ambition: My ambition is to play table tennis professionally and with passion, as well as hopefully standing on a podium in the Olympic Games.

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