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Teresa Devaney

Teresa Devaney

Name: Teresa Devaney

Date of Birth: 40+

Category: Veterans

Club: Terenure Sports Club

Coach: Myself

Style of Play: Attacking

Equipment (Blade, F/H & B/H Rubbers): Blade – Butterfly Rubbers - Tenergy and Donic Acuda

Highest Ranking (Category / Year): Irish Vetts  – 1  Senior - 3

Titles Won: Many titles in the 6 nations with Jenny Harrison in Team Event, Many individual titles in the 6 nations event, Many titles abroad , Many national uk titles in different age groups,
European medals in Germany and Sweden but the highlight of course would be the World Championship Vetts Gold  Medal in New Zealand

Best Wins: Gold Medal in World championships in New Zealand

Best Experience: Winning my 1st national championships in the Uk

Ambition: To Keep on Playing and inspire other people to play regardless of age

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