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Thuy Linh Cashman

Thuy Linh Cashman

Date Of Birth: 08/08/2001

Category: U18

Club: Ballincollig TTC

Coach: Conn Higgins

Style of play: Combination bat player

Equipment: Tenergy 05-FX, Tibhar Grass D.Tecs, Butterfly Fukuhara ai pro zlf 

Highest ranking: 3rd - U15 5th - U18

Titles won: Silver at 6 Nations International

Best wins: Katie McGlone, Rebecca Finn, Beth Richards (Wales) 

Best experience: Going to the first Home Countries was a really great experience for me and I played some of my best table tennis and the team spirit was really good as well

Ambition: To continue playing to my full potential and inspire younger female players

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